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Water Chestnuts, skin removed
Tapioca Flour (about 2 heaped Tbsp for 2 Water Chestnuts)
Drop of Food Colouring
Ice Water

For Thai Red Ruby Dessert:
Sugar Syrup (Dissolve sugar in boiling water)
Coconut Milk
Shaved Ice

1. Chop Water Chestnuts to about 1cm3 cubes.

2. Add a drop of food colouring and mix with hands. Add a bit of water (just a bit!!) and leave it for 5 minutes.

3. Put the Tapioca Flour in a plastic bag. Dry the Water Chestnuts before adding them in, and shake the bag to coat the Water Chestnuts. Make sure they are fully coated with the Tapioca Flour.

4. Use a sieve to rid any excess flour. Don't do this too vigorously, or too much will fall off, exposing the Water Chestnut.

5. Cook the Water Chestnuts in boiling water for about 3 minutes. Meanwhile, I use chopsticks to separate rubies that start sticking to each other.

6. Gather the rubies in a sieve and quickly dump in Ice Water.

7. Drain the rubies and soak them in Sugar Syrup for sweet taste.

8. For the Thai Tub-tim Krob dessert, drain Rubies from Sugar Syrup and serve with Coconut Milk, Shaved Ice and a little extra Sugar Syrup.

P.S. Here's a tip from Thai Table: Spray the Water Chestnuts with water after taking them out from the bag and coat them with flour again for bigger rubies! Also, you can have natural food colouring such as beet juice from boiled beets.

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ladyironchef said...

woo, this is actually water chestnut? i didn't know until i saw the recipe. haha

XY said...

Hey brad! Yup, the water chestnuts give them their crunch! They're also known as 'mock pomegranate'.