I know, I know, my last post was on 1 June 2009 which is more than a year ago. Yes I've been on a major hiatus since Junior College started. But this doesn't mean I'm too busy to feed myself.. :P

TTC recommended Cafe de Hong Kong's Claypot Rice to me on Facebook and we went down to try it after my Famine Camp CIP (No, I was not involved in the fasting).

Mum started off with a Daily Soup (例汤), which I did not try but my Mum seemed to love it. It's a clear Watercress Soup with Chicken.

We decided to try the highly recommended Egg White Wrapped Treasure Bag. This dish is quite a novelty to me. Mum said the "skin" is made from egg white, which makes it slightly "bouncy". The filling (which was very generous) is made of finely diced mushrooms, carrots etc. However taste-wise, it wasn't extremely interesting.

I'm a sucker for all things tofu, so I just had to order the Supreme Tofu.

And being a sucker for Braised Goose Web, I also had to order one... Cafe de Hong Kong's Goose Web was very plump and had more bite than Imperial Treasure's soft fall-off-the-bone rendition.

And finally, the Claypot Rice with Waxed Meat arrived!

They served the wax meat platter above with a huge claypot of rice, plus really aromatic soya sauce (It had loads of fragrant shallot oil!!) to go with it. I liked the waxed sausage and waxed liver sausage best. They were not overly salty and tastier than the usual ones Mum bought. The belly was not salty at all, though quite oily with that thick layer of fat. The duck was too salty for me and Mum to handle, so we decided to da-bao it home to cook. (Mum suggested a tofu dish)

We rounded off with Almond Paste and Mango Pudding for dessert. My Mango Pudding was loaded with real mango cubes. :>

Click here to see Mum's Claypot Rice! :D

P.S. Thank you TTC for your recommendation!

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