When Mum roasts chicken in a turbo, she adds a drop of orange food colouring to make them look irresistably delicious. This was what my Ah Gong (grandfather) used to add to his roast chicken. Can you believe I once downed 8 salt-free chicken drumsticks in one go? Presentation does make a difference!! ;)

Fresh Garlic, Mashed
Mexican Chilli Powder
Ichimi Togarashi
Salt and Sugar to taste

Lime Juice (Serve together)

These Chicken Drumsticks were absolutely delicious! Goes well with a little lime juice to excite the tastebuds! We had this together with Mum's super-SHIOK Tom Yam Soup!

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SheR. said...

That looks really good indeed. Never knew that Orange colouring could work miracles! Hee... I'm into non-additives recipes... I'll remember this trick of your mum's ;)