My Mum had this at a Food Court, but she said that it didn't taste very good. The person just handed her a plate of pre-fried noodles that already lost its Wok Hei. Fried noodles like Char Kway Teow and Fried Prawn Mee are best eaten straight from the wok, just after frying to get that aromatic Wok Hei.

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sandsand said...

did u buy this at AMK hub's food court?

yeah, when this hokkien mee (served int he leaf) started, the food was good... now as more and more such similar stalls appear, the standard is dropping everywhere already..

XY said...

Yes, we had this at AMK Hub's food court. I didn't want to disclose the exact location actually.. I agree, it's really a shame that many good food stalls are suffering the "branching" syndrome.