Delicious potato curry with a twist!! Instead of the usual chicken, Mum used pork meat and it turned out amazing!

She did not use long pork ribs because they are rather lean and tend to be a little tougher (siap). Instead, she asked the butcher who recommended the slab of meat above the ribs. What also made this a success was that Mum used fresh coconut juice which she extracted herself! Lots of hard work indeed! :D

500g Pork Meat (choose portion at tip of ribs along spine)
Boiled Potatoes
Dry Chillies
5 Buah Keluaks
1/2 Bowl Shallots
1 medium size Onion
3 stalks Lemongrass
2-3 pieces Lengkuas
2 Tbsp Curry Powder
Milk from 1/2 Coconut (separate first squeeze in small bowl and second squeeze in big bowl)
1 Cube Chicken Stock
Salt to Taste
1 stalk Pandan leaf (Optional)

1. Grind Dry Chillies, Buah Keluak, Lengkua, Lemongrass, Shallots and Onion.

2. Fry until fragrant and add curry powder.

3. Add Pork Meat and stir-fry for a short while.

4. Add Coconut Milk. (big bowl: 2nd squeeze)

5. Add potatoes, chicken stock and bring to boil for about less than 30 minutes. Be careful not to overcook pork meat as they might turn dry (siap).

6. Finally, add the first squeeze coconut milk to your own liking. We added just a little bit.

The curry is not too spicy or oily, yet fragrant and bursting with curry-goodness! You can eat this with rice, crispy toast.. or on its own! Even a non-curry lover like me fell in love with this dish immediately!

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Charley29 said...

i usually cooked it with chicken, i haven't tried pork on this menu. thanks for sharing this ideas. :)