Mum and I like to go to Pu Tien restaurant, a fast-growing Xing Hwa cuisine restaurant with several branches across Singapore. Their main branch is at Kitchener Road. They have several unique dishes that really sets them apart from the usual Chinese cuisine.

This dish is called Mixed Cold Pork Intestine, but it is actually made of Pig's Stomach, along with the other ingredients such as pork meat, carrot and century egg.

This soup is known as Wonton Soup in their menu, but better known by their Chinese name, 扁肉汤. The wontons are not like the cantonese version, but are small and the skin is translucent white. They add vinegar to the soup, which makes it extremely appetising to drink. It tastes very refreshing when cold!

Here are some other dishes we tried before:

I love their Braised Pig Intestine, which is chewy and full of bite! It's not like your usual Kway Chap, and you can see that they rolled the small intestines into the big one! Sounds gruesome, but not until you've tried it!

These are Spicy Pigs' Ear, but I do not see it in their menu now.

Other interesting dishes to try that Mum and I order are (as named in their menu): "Pu Tien" Lor Mee, "Pu Tien" style w bottle gourd (胡瓜烙), "Pu Tien" Sweet and Sour Pork in Lychees. I also like their Or Nee (Yam Paste with Ginko Nuts).

You can see their menu here.

Main Branch:
127 Kitchener Road
Singapore 208514


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