Mum braised some pork belly and we steamed some buns to create our own homemade 'Kong Bak' Bao. It was delicious, despite conscientiously reducing the salt and soy sauce!

Pork Belly

Dark Soy Sauce (just a little for colouring)
Chinese Cooking Wine
A few cloves of Garlic
Light Soy Sauce
1 piece Star Anise ('Ba Jiao')

Water (just a little)
Salt to Taste (after simmer)

1. Blanch Pork Belly in hot water for a few seconds to remove blood and impurities. Remove and soak in cold water. Slice to desired thickness.

2.Put the sliced Pork Belly in a pot and add all the other ingredients. Do not add water. Simmer on low fire for at least an hour. Then add just half a cup of water and simmer another 2 hours. Refill every two hours. Repeat until fragrant and cooked to preferred doneness. Finally, add salt to taste.

3. Serve with steamed buns, lettuce, coriander and/or spring onion. Mum likes to go with red chillies and salted vegetable(soak in water first).

*sorry for no definite measurements, Mum does it "agar-agar"!

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Anonymous said...

HI, I would like to try this recipe out but was wondering how to simmer on low fire for 1 hour without any water? It will get burnt easily with the black sauce isn't it? Please advise. Tks, ag

Charenn29 said...

mouthwatering! very tempting