2 pcs French Cut Rack of Lamb

2 heaped tbsp Herbs of Provence (small individual packets available at MMMM! for 50c each)
1 tbsp Cooking Red Wine
1/4 cup minced onion
a pinch of black pepper
2 tbsp olive oil
dash of parsley/dried thyme/mint leaves
1/2 tsp salt [hb: do not add to marinade; sprinkle before serve]


Pre heat the pan on high heat. Meanwhile, brush the Marinade all over the Rack of Lamb. if you have some time, make some extra marinade and leave the Rack of Lamb in the marinade for a while.

Put the Rack of Lamb on the pan when it's very hot. Leave it on one side for about 3 minutes or so, then turn over. For mine, I left it on the pan for about 3 and a half minutes on the other side. Touch the meat with a pair of tongs. It shouldn't be too squishy. For a first-timer like me, it's alright to undercook it because you can bring it back to the pan again. Take note of the timing so you can cook it to your preference next time.

Serve it hot on a plate. You might want to have some vegetables or garnishing. I'm not sure if you should leave it there for the juices to disperse (in the case of beef steak), so please do advise me on this. (: ...And there you have it--Bon Appetit!

*I go to Meidi-ya for their Rack of Lamb because it's not too fat and tender since the lamb is young (<1 year). They have pre-cuts or a whole rack at the counter for $9+/100g. The price is quite reasonable because they weigh it after they cut away all the fats.

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Anonymous said...

My dear, Ooooooo, I love rack of lamb. Clever girl. My two cents worth; do not add salt to the marinades as it will make the meat dry. Season with salt during the cooking process. Hugs, Hungrybear aka HB

Yang Xin Yan said...

Thank you hb! Will take care not to add salt to the marinade from now on! (:

Anonymous said...

Yvw luv. We are learning everyday and moi is learning from you too. Hugs, Hungrybear aka HB