After watching the food series Buzzing Cashier, Mum decided to try out one of the chef's recipes: Breaded Pork Cutlet with Cheese... and here it is! It is similar to Cordon Bleu without the ham.

Oooh look at the hot melted cheese oozing out!

Biting into the crispy skin and tender meat reveals creamy melted cheese within! Quite a guilty pleasure indeed! :p

1. Pound, flatten and season pork meat
2. Sandwich a slice of processed cheese in between two pieces of meat (try to use cheese that's not immediately taken out from fridge so it will melt easily)
3. Cover the pork meat with egg yolk and breadcrumbs
4. Deep fry in hot oil and serve while hot and crispy

It was pretty good, except that it could do without Mrs. Dash spices and a little more cheese. (Mum used half a slice each, worrying about the sodium and phosphate content.) But overall, it was crispy and yummy for a first-try experiment!

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Anonymous said...

I just rewatched that episode. This looks exactly like it! Excellent effort!