The Beef House: Hakka Beef Balls
This dish is very rare in Singapore, and I've yet to come across another place selling handmade Hakka Beef Balls like this one.

This stall makes their own large ping-pong sized beef balls, and you can see the rough texture from all the "handiwork". They are very bouncy and biting these reminds you of non-wobbly konnyaku jelly. I love the yellow Hakka-style noodles (usually eaten with Yong Tau Foo) which they also serve. Unfortunately they just ran out clean, so only bee hoon is left.

I sometimes take-away their beef balls to go with noodles or soup at home. They also serve other Hakka foods like Abacus Yam and Yong Tau Foo.

217 Syed Alwi Road
Gar Lok Eating House
(9am to 6pm; Closed on Fridays)

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