Ni Tamago is a special Stewed Japanese Egg where the egg white is firm, but the egg yolk inside is still slightly runny. It is usually an accompaniment to Japanese Ramen, and it takes quite a few hours to make. Here is Chubby Hubby's recipe to making Ni Tamago.

My Ni Tamago's yolk was far too raw compared to the authentic, but when I ate it really cold, it turned out extremely delicious like Onsen Tamago with a firm egg white. The yolk literally slides down your throat along with the tasty white. Extremely refreshing served really chilled.

Here's my Version
3-4 (Chicken) Eggs

Soy Sauce Liquid:
2 parts Light Soy Sauce
1 part Oyster Sauce
1 tbsp Dark Soy Sauce
[You can replace Oyster Sauce with mirin for a sweeter taste)

1. Bring some water to a light boil and add eggs from refrigerator directly in.
2. Make sure it's bubbling but not boiling too hard so that eggs do not bobble around.

Timing: (I like this best, it's just right!)
Medium Egg: [5.5 minutes]
Quail Egg: [3 minutes]

Timing: (For doneness pictured above)
Medium Egg: [5 minutes]
Large Egg: [6 minutes]

3. Remove from water and immerse eggs into a container full of icy-cold water for about 3-4 hours. Chubby Hubby uses an ice bath with vinegar though.
4. After that, dry the eggs and carefully (really carefully, you don't want to break the yolk) peel the shell.
5. Immerse the peeled eggs in the seasoning liquid for at least 3-5 hours, or overnight.
6. Serve really chilled!

Note: Be prepared to do this many times to get the timing/heat right! I failed many times before I got the results I wanted, so experiment and practise! Some may prefer a more well-done yolk, others might like it a little raw. Be patient and the result will be worth it!

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Anonymous said...

I was extremely fortunate to taste the Ni Tamago made by Chubby Hubby.. and it was just sumptious.. Yum yum.. It seems like a lot of work but the result is definitely worth the effort. Please... Chubby Hubby ... may I have more???

XY said...

Hiyo! Haha thanks, but actually XY is my pen name. Chubby Hubby ( is another more-famous-than-me Singaporean food blogger who posted his recipe on Ni Tamago. I used his recipe as a base, and tweaked it to get my own results. (:

p.s. I found out that the correct spelling was "sumptuous"!!

Anonymous said...

hehe.. i was puzzled too.. u certainly are not chubby..
Btw.. thx for correcting my spelling..