Shiitake and Friends Creamy Mushroom Soup's back for take-two! This time, I used chicken fat ("butter") leftover from Mum's Chicken Soup and olive oil to fry the shallots and garlic instead of ordinary butter. Added some slices of mushrooms for the extra chew, and sneaked a few strips of bacon in the soup for that alluring aroma. I also made it a little more chunky and less creamy for that extra hearty feel. (:

So what was Mum and Dad's verdict this time? Two Thumbs Up! =D

The next soup I want to try out would be Seafood Bisque, a hearty tomato-based seafood soup! I might even try that out with some puff pastry on top! So keep your eyes peeled for the next delicious post! ;P

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SheR. said...

Hey Don't forget to put in generous chopped herbs and pepper! They go so well with Mushroom Soup. ;)