As promised... the post that will surely motivate you to keep fit and stay away from the hospital!!

...Just kidding! The food's ok if you're not staying in the ward for too long. After all, any delicacy will taste boring after a while. ;)

Of course, the first food that comes to mind for patients is naturally, Porridge! This looks like the plainest congee you've ever seen, no? Actually, it's pretty ok with a dash of pepper and some re-heating.

One of the better Chinese Breakfasts on the menu. I prefer Bee Tai Mak to the Kway Teow.

But who says there's no meat on the menu?

Look! Chicken Chop and Mashed Potato for Western lunch! Oh did I mention on lucky days, you get mashed potato for breakfast, mashed potato for lunch and mashed potato for dinner? But honestly speaking, it's pretty OK.

They do serve Fish and Chips, Fried Noodles, Potato Wedges and Sandwiches sometimes. Especially on days when the kitchen forgets dietary restrictions. But honestly, I would rather eat these somewhere else.. :/

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SheR. said...

Doesn't look that bad..
I actually enjoyed the hospital food in London. Heee hee hee... Cauliflower with Chicken ! Yums!

XY said...

It really is not bad, just that after eating the food for so many days, you get really sick of it. Plus, variety is limited if you are on special diets.

Hungrybear said...

True, but hor, at least you are not on a liquid diet :))