I have seen this "Kami Sakura" Chicken sold in supermarkets like NTUC since a long time ago, but I never really gave them much notice... until Ieat of ieatishootipost introduced and explained the difference of Kami Sakura Chicken.

This chicken is farmed in Malaysia, and grown using Japanese farming technology so it is hormone-free and antibiotic-free. They are fed with live probiotics (beneficial bacteria like LB) in their diet and also given enough running space.

Upon hearing ravings about its tender breast meat and non-fatty flesh, we decided to taste-test it for ourselves. Mum easily got hold of the Sakura Chicken from NTUC, a relatively large-size chicken for around $8. We decided to cook it plain and simple: No flavourings, salt, pepper or seasoning. Without any condiments, the steamed chicken will truly test the quality of this chicken.

So was it really that good? The answer is: YES!

It's plump, tender and juicy but not fatty at all! It is almost like having the best qualities from the Kampong Chicken (Less Fat) and Local Chicken (Tender and Tasty). The drumstick had to be my favourite part for its juicy and tender meat! It was tasty on its own, and the broth that we cooked with it was also fantastic. The breast was rather tender, and not too "siap" (Dry). Mum and I will be sure to try out their Sakura Chicken Eggs soon!

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SheR. said...

You know what? I could lick that screen and taste the chicken right now! So succulent!!! DRoolsss