Here are some of the home dishes that mum whips up to go with plain white rice. (:

Pork Ribs Marinated in Red Yeast

Steamed Pomfret (Teochew Style)

Crispy Tempura Prawns

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Anonymous said...

Yum yum, drooling and love the simplicity of the steamed fish. You are a lucky girl. Hugzzzzzzzzzz HB

Eddy Yuen said...

Wow I've just discovered your blogspot! Amazing. I am mildly orthorexic but also love cooking (those two can contrast each other sometimes). Im a teenage guy in the UK. I can realy appreciate the satisfaction of making that picture perfect dish, I've taken a few of mine but no where near as many not a photographer like you. You experiments look good too, the japanese influenced italian looks cool thats something I havn't tried yet. I would be interested to know how you changed to be no longer orthorexic?!

Melissa said...

Another teen food blogger! I just found your blog, really neat!!

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