Sorry everyone for the major lack of posts! I've been rather busy with school, and there wasn't much to post anyway. ): But Mum's making new experiments again, this time it's the Japanese Pancake: Okonomiyaki!

I wrote words on with Mayonnaise! Mmmm! :P

This is what is looked like before serving. Pan fry the pancake then add Okonomiyaki sauce: 2/3 part Tonkatsu Sauce, 1/3 part Tomato Ketchup.

Sprinkle generous amounts of Bonito Flakes and it's ready to eat! :D

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Anonymous said...

Can put the recipe of this here?

XY said...

Sure! I'll post here first before I edit the blog post:

For 1 Pancake:

Plain Flour 75g
Cabbage 100g
Spring Onion (a few)
Pickled Ginger Slices (a little)
1 Egg Yolk
100 cc Bonito Stock (Powder/Bonito Flake Water, boiled)
25g Huai Shan, mashed

Preparation of ingredients:
1. Prepare 100 cc of Bonito stock using boiled bonito powder or water from soaked bonito flakes
2. Mash cooked Huai Shan

1. Chop Cabbage and Pickled Ginger Slices into strips, chop spring onion, set aside.
2. Add Egg yolk and Huai Shan to Plain flour and mix well.
3. Add the other vegetables into the flour mix. Mix well.
4. Pour the mixture on a heated pan into a thick round shape.
5. Top with any ingredients (suggestions: Meat, Bacon, Seafood, More Vegetables or even Pizza style?)
6. Pan fry both sides until cooked and surface is dry and crisp.

Okonomiyaki sauce: 2/3 part Tonkatsu Sauce, 1/3 part Tomato Ketchup.


1 part Mayonnaise, 1 part Tomato Ketchup, 1 part Tonkatsu Sauce (Bull Dog)