My very first Makan Session with makansutra forum kakis at Buono Pizza Bar and Ristorante! Many thanks to Uncle Eslim for organising this makan session, and Uncle TTC, Ivan and everyone else for giving me and Mum such a warm welcome! :D

Assorted Pizzas

Loved the aromatic mushrooms on the thin-crust pizza. Quote Jeremy: There's always room for pizza! :P

Seafood Soup

Tomato-based seafood soup with a fresh prawn, some squid rings, a mussel and clams. Served with a slice of toast at the side.

Baby Spinach Salad with Feta Cheese, Mushrooms, Cherry tomatoes and Winagrette

Mediterranean Salad with Chicken, Eggplant, Bell peppers, Onions and Winagrette

Penne with Spinach, Home-made Sausages and Saffron

Mum was so happy she made a better choice of the Penne...Hur hur! Jeremy loved the sausages.


Seafood Ravioli

The sauce was tangy and decent (though it reminded me of the seafood soup), but we didn't quite like the filling.

Lamb in Red Wine and Rosemary Sauce

When it came out, everyone went "Horrors! The huge serving!" We thought it was pretty good; I didn't mind grabbing it and eating like a carnivore. Despite our tummies, we relished this course. :P

Semifreddo Italian Ice Cream Yoghurt (blueberry)

Everyone agreed the mango was better than the blueberry, and tiramisu couldn't make it. According to Jeremy, we have two stomachs: One for food, the other for desserts. According to Mum, we have three stomachs: One for food, one for desserts and one for wine.

I learnt to appreciate the aroma of wine last night, and I could still remember the dessert wine with rose petals which Mum absolutely loved. Picked up a few beefy tricks from Ivan, experimented with food photography, slept really late too! (HAHA!) Thanks for an enjoyable night, makankakis!

P.s. Hungrybear: Wish you were here! :)

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Azarael said...

was sitting behind u and your mum that day at Buono, was with my girlfriend

agreed with u the food was in general quite good, a bit too much at times, but the desert was dreadful in my opinion. But i had a good time too.

tf said...

great food blog :